Are you tired of sending the same boring texts to your friends? Want to add some humor and personality to your messages? Look no further than Litstick, the ultimate iMessage app for sending funny stickers and pranking your friends in a whole new way!

With Litstick, you can easily light up your conversations with virtual stickers, creating unique and engaging messages that are sure to make your friends smile. Choose from a wide variety of hilarious stickers, including animals, celebrities, memes, and more, to spice up your messages and express your creativity.

But Litstick can do much more! Need to break the ice with that cutie you just met on a dating app? With LitStick you can send fun stickers to get them chatting and relax the conversation.

But that’s not all. Litstick also offers a variety of bugs and glitches that you can add to your messages to surprise and delight your friends. Imagine sending a message that appears to be typing endlessly, or one that fades away before your friend can read it. These little surprises are sure to keep your conversations fresh and exciting.